BRIDGING THE VOID The Pulaski Skyway Project

Some of my work will be displayed here at this show. MMJ

National Juried Art Exhibition Reception on October 9, 6:00pm-8:00pm
will be on display till November 9, 2014

What is the iconic meaning of a Bridge?
 Prospect Street Firestation Art Center, 56 Prospect Street in Newark's Ironbound Section, during Open Doors Studio Tour - October 2014

 Sumei Art Center is sponsoring a juried competition for artists, of all genres, to create and exhibit their works with a cash prize for each of two categories:
In celebration of the 350th anniversary of New Jersey and the rebuilding of the Pulaski Skyway,  Sumei Art Center presents a program of exhibition, performance and history of the Pulaski Skyway and its place in New Jersey.

The question: What is the iconic meaning of a Bridge?

The Pulaski Skyway is a questionable edifice in that unlike most bridges which traverse water bank to bank it does not fall into this category but instead connects rivers and marshes teaming with wild life and extremely polluted water. The Skyway's point of departure is the Ironbound section of Newark, connecting to Jersey City and the approaches to the Hudson River crossings to the big city, NYC.

The Pulaski Skyway in Popular Culture
Taken from Wikipedia:
The Pulaski Skyway is the subject of The Last Three Miles, a book written by Steven Hart published in 2007. The Skyway has been used in radio, film, television, and at least one video game. In the 1938 radio drama The War of the Worlds, one of the Martian machines straddles the skyway (a scene replicated in the 2005 film wherein the first machine appears in the shadow of the bridge).
It was featured in Alfred Hitchcock's 1943 film Shadow of a Doubt, and the 1999-2007 television drama The Sopranosincludes shots of the bridge in the opening montages.

We invite artists of every genre to create works that document the Skyway in any medium, or they may use the skyway as an inspiration or a point of departure for their ideas.

At Sumei, we are dedicated to creating a connection with our community through artistic, educational and cultural events.
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