I Stop for Photos

Thunder, Lighting


Some things never get old

The Montclair Iris Gardens host some of the most exotic and beautiful Irises on the planet with close to a thousand different specimens and hybrids. This garden and its flowers never get old.  The beauty that it shares is God's way of decorating the earth.  It is clear to see that for the few weeks Montclair hosts this special event, Vincent Van Gogh would most definitely be painting here day and night while the Irises lasted.


Abandonment of the daily routines of life.

It's not a dream, it's not a vacation and not necessarily a journey, Coney Island is possibly the last place where high priced hot dogs and the taste of true freedom is explored. There's a surreal other dimensional quality to this place, it's held within the eyes and facial expressions. I look at theses photographs only to examine what is in between the reality of the conscious and the subconscious.
A place that offers an abandonment of the daily routines of life.