Picasso Revisited

Every so often we have a treat of an incredible artist that can reach into the abyss of humanity and pull out its essence "Picasso" is another word for Monster, and Genius managing to touch every aspect of modern art past present and future. Only a few curious minds have reached the levels of captivating and destruction of our perception of beauty and truth. Once you're in its presents you can no longer be the same, your paradigm has been shifted. 
Two great things that I was able to take from this show in NYC at the MOMA one is minor, but impacting the other is truly revealed to me as an artist within the show there are photographs by Brassai, which I had never made the connection between the friendships of Picasso and the influences of Brassai experimental photography. 
The second is this, being in close proximity to groupings of several different periods of the stages of Picasso's sculptures is an intimate visit through the mind of this artist. I was stunned to see first hand and to draw from my understanding and awareness how his love for the 2 dimensional framework  was never abandon he remained a painter of from even in the most round objects. His delicate brush stroke is in every solid piece speaking from the soul and placing it carefully in its place.   
He remains a painter.