Look ,Youth and Time

At the moment of finishing High School any individual within this time frame of age begins a series of decisions that will ultimately create the roots to the outcome of their lives. As an Artist I am responsible in filtering of all that is humanly chaotic and make some sense revealed as beauty and at best as “truth”. Plato talks about the search of the “arch type” the definitive object or concept that which all forms of what we comprehend of being it’s “origin”. I have always looked to the masters they set the standards (the key) from which all visual weather its physically and or conceptual two dimensional or three dimensional. There’s two iconoclastic artist as well as specific art pieces that I connect directly to this ideal of the ach type in bridging the portraits of students to the a fresh approach to what is classical. For example Michelangelo’s David: at a glance studying the David statue one can see a child turned to a man within the timing of maturity he stands erect and fully alive with awareness of self.
The second example is Leonardo Da Vinci ‘s Mona Lisa in his portrait of a young girl (boldly I say about the same age as in the David statue) Da Vinci very much like photographers to perfectly positioned in light and back ground she looks into the lens of Leonardo’s eyes with the absence of time.
In hopes that these portraits reveals a glimpse of a time in the life before the exuberance of life and it’s painfulness streams through that laughter joy and love be much apart of it’s journey.


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