“Un pensamento en azul“

A thought in blue is the title of one of the paintings in the bicycles series. It is painted with the sole intention of reaching the essence of its image. The question which I have been challenged with for some time is, “When does an image cease to be an image?” What is that symmetry that we are attracted to or recognize from afar? How is it that our possessions somehow take on the impression of the possessor? This is not a new concept for the artist however is one that may take a life time to accomplish. Thanks to my teachers and for the years of training in drawing/painting that allows for translating images in any creative mediums with ease. Whether using a pencil or the latest technology, I find that the principles of craft/art still remain the same, that is, does it live or die within the frame work? My love for color and the warmth (calor) that comes from my tropical heritage seeps through each time I create… www.artazone.com Email- marco@artazone.com

The work displayed at Mi Gente Café Newark is an ideal place to show art of this nature. This is where taste, smell and the visual panorama can intoxicate the senses …

This Series is on display from May 23 –July25

Please call Marco Munoz

973. 746.9019



Mi Gente Café

Monday –Saturday 9AM-5PM

7Central Avenue

Newark NJ 07103

Phone 973.621.9090

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